Azizova Feruza

Azizova Feruza Khusanovna

Azizova Feruza Khusanovna graduated from the medical faculty of the Tashkent Medical Institute in 1988.

From 1988 to 2001 she worked as an assistant, senior lecturer and assistant professor of the department of histology, from 2002 to 2007 – head of the training department (part-time professor of the department).

From September 2007 to the present, Azizova F.Kh. Head of the Department of Histology and Medical Biology, TMA, combining the post of head of the teaching and methodical department.

In 1995 she defended her thesis on the topic: “Structural and functional features of mesenteric lymph nodes in early postnatal ontogenesis and antigen exposure”.

In 2002 she defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic: “Functional morphology of the small intestine’s immune system in postnatal ontogeny and its peculiarities in infectious and toxic effects”.

Azizova F.Kh. pays special attention to improving the quality of the educational process by introducing new pedagogical and information technologies, improving the assessment of students’ knowledge and practical skills. Acts as an active supporter of deepening the integration of the educational process with practice and science. During the period of her work as head of the teaching and methodical department, the educational and methodological framework for the introduction of integrated (modular) training was developed, training was introduced on a single methodological system, technology for mastering and assessing practical skills in steps, state educational standards and curricula were improved

Azizova F.Kh. constantly improving his professional activities and working on himself, introducing the latest technology, is an experienced, talented teacher who knows how to interest students.