Shermuratov Anvar

Shermuratov Anvar Rakhmankulovich

Shermuratov A.R. was born in 1970 in the Tashkent region, by nationality the Uzbek. . Shermuratov Anvarzhon Rakhmankulovich graduated from the 2-Tashkent Medical Institute in 1997. The specialty is a doctor of sanitary hygiene and epidemiology.

Since August 17, 2010, he has been working as the director of the academic lyceum at TMA. The total work experience is 28 years, and the pedagogical work experience is 17 years.

Currently, he conducts scientific research for the degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences under the guidance of Professor P.Kh. Khalikov on the topic “Cytogenetic and molecular genetic aspects of the mutagenic effect of pesticides in case of temperature stress and correction of revealed disorders”, is a co-author of more than 15 scientific articles and 6 teaching aids, 1 textbook.

ShermuratovAnvarzhonRahmankulovich pays special attention to the introduction of new pedagogical, computer and information technologies into the educational process. ShermuratovAnvarzhonRahmankulovich an experienced teacher, a sympathetic curator, a punctual, hardworking frame, carries out tasks with responsibility.

ShermuratovAnvarzhon Rakhmankulovich contributes to the improvement of the normative documents of the educational process, the wide introduction of modern progressive technologies to improve the quality of theoretical and practical training of personnel, to improve the assessment of practical and theoretical skills for the development of higher medical education.